Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Etsy Selling and Buying - It's People!!

It's People! (To use a favorite line from an old movie.)* Buying and Selling on Etsy is a labor of love and it's about the People. I like that Etsy means buying from real people that love what they are doing. As a buyer I am always amazed at the personal notes, extra handmade touches and care that goes into shipments. It's like getting a gift even if you are buying supplies! Yesterday I received some card sleeves from www.cardmaven.etsy.com. She included a really nice note and a nice pile of cut out scrapping paper. Very nice! I'll pass some on to my customers, etc. with my stamp on the back. Thanks Card Maven!

I try to keep the love going whenever I make a sale. A photo of free gift wrapping on my latest Etsy sale is pictured. I was excited to sell one of my favorite pieces to a customer in Arizona who purchased it as a gift for someone in Wisconsin. I sometimes charge for gift wrapping but if there is time and ready supplies I'll gift wrap for the fun of it. It is such an honor that someone likes my work and will give it as a gift. I found an old travel atlas in great condition and am using it for wrapping. This then went into a bigger box with peanuts. All recycled!

*First person to convo me at tinalewis.etsy.com with the name of that movie gets a free magnet! Don't comment in case someone hasn't seen the movie. It's a spoiler.

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